Everything comes to an end.

Greetings all!  Sorry I haven’t updated in so long.  It’s been a horrendous holiday season, never in my life have I had such a trying few months and actually thought I’d lose my mind if it didn’t end soon.

Luckily it did!  And I have survived, more or less.

I have been writing, I’ve re-christened Denying a Crisis… alright seriously lamest name I’ve even come up with.  WoW.  The newest lame title is  “Breathing Underwater”  intriguing?

It is sitting at a lovely 29,907w  but that’s mostly outline, 3863w is actually prose.  Why I count the outline is because my outline is sort of the story.  It’s all dialog with action prompts.  So you can (and I have) pretty much read the story with just the outline and not miss anything.  It’s just in an odd format.  But it works for me.

I’ve put my other stories on hold for now, I’ve been focusing on this one, in my almost nonexistent spare time.

Speaking of nonexistent, and endings and all that.  This blog, as of today, has been canned.

I run 4 blogs, and that’s just 4 blogs too many.

One is for my personal life and family (if you want a link comment and I’ll email)

One is for Anime, but it’s really just a reference blog and thus it stays useful always even if I don’t update very often (which I don’t )

And a new one is a conglomeration of me and a few work friends, writing about what happens at work.

This Blog, For Want of a Word, can so easily be combined with my personal blog, that I’m wondering why it wasn’t.

In any case, I’m cutting back on my blogging which will mean less stress, which is always good.

I’m sorry, it’s the way it goes.  But it’s not like I’m shunning the internet completely!  I’m still here, just other places 😀